Rules and Policies



Every Day Counts”. “Every day is a learning day” at Kin Kora.
High attendance is important for success at school.  When a child is absent, a written explanation to the teacher, an email to the school office is requested. Attendance notification can also occur via the QParents app, a quick effective method. If a student will be absent for a prolonged period of time please advise the Principal in writing. This can also be done by emailing Attendance rates for students are monitored on a regular basis.
Medical Plans
Students with diagnosed or complex medical conditions will require a formalised medical plan. Please ensure that the school is made aware of all medical conditions, medications and changes to medical circumstances to enable us to ensure that all medical plans are current and effective.
Any students who have been diagnosed with asthma, allergies or similar conditions requiring ongoing treatment are required to provide the school with a medical plan that has been approved by a medical practitioner. Children who require Ventolin or Epipen need to carry these items on their person in a bumbag at all times to ensure quick and easy access.
Should prescription medication need to be administered while the student is at school, a parent/legal guardian must provide written details.  Instructions about administration must be provided by the doctor and medication must be in the original container.  Non-prescribed oral medications (such as analgesics and over-the-counter medications eg Panadol) will not be administered at school and children should not carry these on their person or in their school bags.
Mobile Phones
There are times when it is genuinely appropriate for students to have access to a mobile phone for emergencies or change of arrangements with parents. The mobile phone use should be restricted so as not to detract from the school educational program.
1.      Mobile phones must be turned off during school hours.
2.      Students are required to hand their mobile phone into their class teacher or administration staff if bringing to school and collect each afternoon at 3.00 p.m.
3.      It is important to display courtesy, consideration and respect for others when using a mobile phone.
4.      In-phone cameras are not to be used anywhere a normal camera would be considered inappropriate, such as change rooms or toilets.
5.      Mobile phones are used at their owner’s risk.
No liability will be accepted by the school in the event of loss, theft or damage of any device, unless it can be established that the loss, theft or damage was from the department’s negligence.
This policy also applies to students during school excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities.

School Uniforms

Kin Kora State School P&C supports the wearing of a school uniform. Parents are asked to support this policy. For reasons of safety, students must wear school uniform for all off site activities. 
  • Shoes: Black
  • Socks: White
  • Hats and Jumpers: Black Kin Kora jumpers and hats
  • Dress: Bottle Green, Black and White check
Safety regulations require closed footwear and bucket hats.
Kin Kora has Sun Smart accreditation. All children are required to wear a black Kin Kora State School bucket hat when outdoors as part of the school uniform.  These hats are available from the office.

Schedule of Exclusion

  • From time to time children contract various illnesses requiring them to be quarantined from their peers.  Here is the schedule of exclusion, showing the period of quarantine for the sufferer and their family.
    Exclusion of Cases
    Amoebiasis (Entamoeba histolytica)
    Exclude until there has not been a loose bowel motion for 24 hours.
    Exclude until there has not been a loose bowel motion for 24 hours.
    Exclude until all blisters have dried. This is usually at least 5 days after the rash appears in unimmunised children, but may be less in previously immunised children.
    Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
    Exclude until there has not been a loose bowel motion for 24 hours.
    Exclude until medical certificate of recovery is received following at least two negative throat swabs, the first not less than 24 hours after finishing a course of antibiotics and the other 48 hours later.
    Hand, Foot and Mouth disease
    Exclude until all blisters have dried.
    Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib)
    Exclude until at least 4 days of appropriate antibiotic treatment has been completed.
    Hepatitis A
    Exclude until a medical certificate of recovery is received, but not before 7 days after the onset of jaundice or illness.
    Hepatitis B & C
    Exclusion is not necessary.
    Herpes ("cold sores")
    Young children unable to comply with good hygiene practices should be excluded while the lesion is weeping. Lesions to be covered by dressing, where possible.
    Human immuno-deficiency virus infection (HIV/AIDS)
    Exclusion is not necessary.
    Exclude until appropriate treatment has commenced. Sores on exposed surfaces must be covered with a watertight dressing.
    Influenza and influenza like illnesses
    Exclude until well.
    Exclude until approval to return has been given by the Secretary.
    Exclude for at least 4 days after onset of rash.
    Meningitis (bacteria - other than meningococcal meningitis)
    Exclude until well.
    Meningococcal infection*
    Exclude until adequate carrier eradication therapy has been completed.
    Exclude for 9 days or until swelling goes down (whichever is sooner).
    Pertussis* (whooping cough)
    Exclude the child for 21 days after the onset of cough or until they have completed 5 days of a course of antibiotic treatment.
    Exclude for at least 14 days from onset. Re-admit after receiving medical certificate of recovery.
    Ringworm, scabies, pediculosis (head lice)
    Exclude until the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.
    Rubella (German measles)
    Exclude until fully recovered or for at least four days after the onset of rash.
    Salmonella, Shigella
    Exclude until there has not been a loose bowel motion for 24 hours.
    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
    Exclude until medical certificate of recovery is produced.
    Streptococcal infection (including scarlet fever)
    Exclude until the child has received antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours and the child feels well.
    Exclude until receipt of a medical certificate from the treating physician stating that the child is not considered to be infectious.
    Typhoid fever (including paratyphoid fever)
    Exclude until approval to return has been given by the Secretary.
    Verotoxin producing Escherichia coli (VTEC)
    Exclude if required by the Secretary and only for the period specified by the Secretary.
    Worms (Intestinal)
    Exclude until there has not been a loose bowel motion for 24 hours.
    Any queries, please contact the Principal.
Please do not drive into the school grounds between 8:30am and 9.30 am and 2:50pm and 3:15pm. Parking is not permitted in the turnaround as this is reserved for emergency vehicles. The safety of our students is paramount.
Sunvalley Road Entrance
“NO ENTRY” Staff ONLY car park.
All student drop offs for instrumental music to be done through the main entrance (Hibiscus Ave) at turn around before 8:30am.
Be mindful of gate time closures: 8:30am to 9:30am  and 2:50pm to 3:15pm
Responsible Behaviour Plan
Kin Kora staff use a wide range of positive strategies to support effective student learning and behaviour specific to the Positive Behaviour for learning.
Our school community has identified the following school rules to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour:
Ø  Be safe
Ø  Be responsible
Ø  Be respectful
Ø  Be a learner
 At Kin Kora State School the Bee is a symbol of these rules.
 You will be contacted should your child’s behaviour adversely impact on classroom management.  Contact the Principal should you require support to assist with the behaviour of your children.
Religious Instruction
Religious Instruction is mandated by the Education Act. All Gladstone State Schools follow the non-denominational scheme ‘Religion in Life’. In accordance with s.76 EGPA parents may withdraw their child from all religious instruction by notifying the principal in writing.
Students who are not participating in RI will be provided with other instruction in a separate supervised location. Other instruction must relate to part of a subject area already covered in class and may include, but is not restricted to:
·          personal research and/or assignments
·          revision of class work such as creative writing or literacy and/or numeracy activities   which could include online programs currently accessed by the students of that school (i.e. Mathletics, Reading Eggs)
·          wider reading such as independent reading appropriate to the student

Safety and Welfare of Children

School Crossing Supervisors are on duty each day at the Hibiscus Avenue and Kin Kora Drive Crossings from 7.55am - 8.55 am and from 2.50pm - 3.20 pm.
Please reinforce road safety with your children. Ensure that children take extra care at the Witney St and Mercury St railway crossings and that they use the underpass when crossing Sun Valley Road.
For the safety of our children, no vehicles will be allowed to enter the school grounds between 8:30am – 9:30am and 2:50pm – 3:15pm.
Our gates will be locked during these times each day.
Parents can apply for a special pass to enter the school grounds in these times which will be issued only for the period of the injury or condition. State issued disabled parking permits are also accepted.
Vehicles entering outside these hours should take EXTREME care with speed and go no faster than walking pace. PLEASE obey the STOP signs at the pedestrian crossings on our entry road near Prep. Our children are valuable. Please protect them.
Sunvalley Road Entrance
“NO ENTRY” Staff ONLY car park.
All student drop offs for instrumental music to be done through the main entrance (Hibiscus Ave) at turn around before 8:30am.
Be mindful of gate time closures: 8:30am to 9:30am  and 2:50pm to 3:15pm

Students are not to bring items of value to school.  This includes toys, jewellery and other devices. No responsibility will be accepted by school staff for any loss or damage for any of these items.


Jewellery is not to be worn or brought to school except for the following -  pierced ears or other body piercings, small studs are the only option. Watches of a suitable size may be worn. The wearing of a religious cross or jewellery of personal or religious significance may be negotiated with an admin member. All jewellery must be removed before any form of sport. Medic alert bracelets are in exception and should be worn at all times.   

Volunteers at school

Voluntary workers are covered by the P&C insurance policy. All volunteers must sign the book in the staffroom or the office. Classroom volunteers must have completed a school induction workshop and hold a blue card.
Water Bottles
Please send Plastic or Metal water bottles to school not glass water bottles. When glass water bottles are dropped they shatter and put glass shards everywhere.
Last reviewed 27 April 2023
Last updated 27 April 2023