Parent teacher communication


Home-school communication

To be connected at Kin Kora State School follow these steps.
1.  Register for QParents – registration process for parents is included in   the enrolment pack
2.  Register for the Newsletter – go to the website and register for an email under newsletter section
3.  Join the Facebook page – search for Kin Kora State School and click on our logo
4.      Save email address:
Communication between home and school is actively encouraged. There are several avenues available to both parents and staff.
(a)               QParents is the way to access your child’s student information online and stay connected with the school. Anywhere, anytime you can access report cards, attendance records, invoice and payments details and conduct online payments.
(b)               Phone calls, emails, notes or personal contact. Phone numbers, contacts and addresses should be kept current so that emergencies, particularly, can be handled without delay.
(c)                We are fortunate to have a lot of volunteer parent helpers who participate in a range of classroom activities.
In an effort to improve the service to our children and to ensure our school is as safe as possible, all classroom volunteers are required to participate in a 60 minute School Induction workshop on Child Protection Policies, Duty of Care, Workplace Health and Safety and Code of Conduct.
These workshops will be held throughout 2018. Workshops are free. At the completion of these workshops, parent volunteers will receive Kin Kora State School certification which will be used to identify trained classroom helpers.
All classroom volunteers will require a Blue Card. These may be obtained from the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian web site Applications are free.
(d)               The newsletter is available via the Qschools app, and by going to the Kin Kora State School web site and clicking on newsletter. The best method to subscribe for an email copy by going to the Kin Kora State School website and scrolling down the home page and clicking on the “Our new School Newsletter link”
(e)                We have a Facebook page which keeps you up to date with notifications. To access our facebook page search for Kin Kora State School and click on our logo.
(f)                 Interviews between parents and teachers, or parents and a member of the Administration team, can be arranged by appointment.
(g)               Reporting to Parents
Classroom Newsletters / Class Information Night:
Time:   Early Term One
These are to provide information on:
Ø  Curriculum areas
Ø  Homework
Ø  Timetables and routines
Ø  Classroom helpers
Ø  Anticipated projects and assignments
Parent/Teacher Interviews:
Time:   Late Term One and late Term Three
These interviews are held on a more personal basis to discuss your child’s individual educational plan.
Progress Reports:
Time:   Late Semester One:
Written reports on your child’s progress will be provided during the first week of semester two, when assessments are finalized at the end of term 2.
Time:   Late Semester Two:
A comprehensive student portfolio detailing your child’s successes during the year will be issued during the second last week of the year.
Last reviewed 05 February 2021
Last updated 05 February 2021