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Rules and policies


Regular attendance is important for success at school.  When a child is absent, a written explanation to the teacher, a telephone call, an email or fax (4971 5100) to the school office is requested. If a student will be absent for a prolonged period of time please advise the Principal in writing. This can also be done by emailing
Medical Plans
Students with diagnosed or complex medical conditions will require a formalised medical plan. Please ensure that the school is made aware of all medical conditions, medications and changes to medical circumstances to enable us to ensure that all medical plans are current and effective.
Any students who have been diagnosed with asthma, allergies or similar conditions requiring ongoing treatment are required to provide the school with a medical plan that has been approved by a medical practitioner.
Should prescription medication need to be administered while the student is at school, a parent/legal guardian must provide written details.  Instructions about administration must be provided by the doctor and medication must be in the original container.  Non-prescribed oral medications (such as analgesics and over-the-counter medications eg Panadol) will not be administered at school and children should not carry these on their person or in their school bags.
Mobile Phones
Mobile phones must not be used between 9am and 3pm under any circumstances. Students with mobile phones must be responsible for their security and must keep the phone out of sight. It is strongly advised that students with mobile phones do not tell anyone they have the phone at school.
It is not realistic to prohibit phones from being brought to school, nor is it logistically possible for schools to collect phones each morning and return them to students in the afternoon.
Students will be able to bring mobile phones with them under the conditions outlined below:
    •  Phones must not be used for any purpose (eg phoning, texting, surfing the net, taking photos or videos) in the school grounds.
    •  Phones must always be switched off and kept out of view.
    •  Camera functions on mobile phones are not to be used at ANY time.
    • We would very much prefer that mobile phones were not brought to school but do realise that parents may need to keep in contact with their children before and after school. It is the responsibility of the student not to have the phone seen or heard during school hours.
    • Parents who need to urgently contact students must do so through the front office. Staff will ensure that students receive messages if given ample time.
Students bringing communications devices to school do so at their own risk. Kin Kora State School takes no responsibility for their loss, damage or theft.

School Uniforms

Kin Kora State School P&C supports the wearing of a school uniform. Parents are asked to support this policy. For reasons of safety, students must wear school uniform for all off site activities. 
  • Shoes: Black
  • Socks: White
  • Hats and Jumpers: Black Kin Kora jumpers and hats
  • Dress: Bottle Green, Black and White check
Safety regulations require closed footwear and bucket hats.

Schedule of Exclusion

From time to time children contract various illnesses requiring them to be quarantined from their peers. Click on link below to view the schedule of exclusion, showing the period of quarantine for the suffer and their family
Please do not drive into the school grounds between 8:30am and 9am and 2:50pm and 3:10pm. Parking is not permitted in the turnaround as this is reserved for emergency vehicles. The safety of our students is paramount.
Responsible Behaviour Plan
Kin Kora staff use a wide range of positive strategies to support effective student learning and behaviour specific to the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program.
Our school community has identified the following school rules to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour:
Ø  Be safe
Ø  Be responsible
Ø  Be respectful
Ø  Be a learner
You will be contacted should your child’s behaviour adversely impact on classroom management.  Contact the Principal should you require support to assist with the behaviour of your children.
Please read our Responsible Behaviour Plan for full details.

Religious Education

Religious Education is mandated by the Education Act. All Gladstone State Schools follow the non-denominational scheme ‘Religion in Life’. Parents may request exclusion for their children in writing.


Safety and Welfare of Children

School Crossing Supervisors are on duty each day at the Hibiscus Avenue and Kin Kora Drive Crossings from 7.55am - 8.55 am and from 2.50pm - 3.20 pm.
Please reinforce road safety with your children. Ensure that children take extra care at the Witney St and Mercury St railway crossings and that they use the underpass when crossing Sun Valley Road.
We have one disabled parking bay at our Hibiscus Avenue entrance for students who have a serious injury, condition or disability.  In exceptional cases, it can also be used for parents who have an injury or a disability who must collect a child from Prep or year 1 only. It is expected that children in year 2-7 are able to walk to the school exits.
Parents can apply for a special pass which will be issued only for the period of the injury or condition. State issued disabled parking permits are also accepted.
For the safety of our children, no vehicles should enter the school grounds between 8:30am – 9am and 2:50pm – 3:10pm.
Vehicles entering outside these hours should take EXTREME care with speed no faster than      walking pace. PLEASE obey the STOP signs at the pedestrian crossings on our entry road.   Our children are valuable. Please protect them.




We encourage children not to bring valuables (including jewellery) to school.  Students must not use mobile phones during school hours.


Voluntary Contributions

Our P & C Association has a voluntary building fund contribution scheme.  The suggested contribution rate is $50.00 per family per year, and time for payment of this will be yearly or by the term. These contributions are deposited into the P&C Building Fund and are fully tax deductible. Currently the Building Fund is funding technology and grounds upgrades for the school.

Volunteers at school

Voluntary workers are covered by the P&C insurance policy. All volunteers must sign the book in the staffroom or the office. Classroom volunteers must have completed a school induction workshop and hold a blue card.