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Kin Kora Library and Resource Centre
Kin Kora State School’s Resource Centre and Library opened in 2012. 
It is an exciting and busy learning environment that houses two classrooms, a technology lab and a large, open library area.    The Library houses a large collection of books for students including an infant section, junior fiction, fiction and non-fiction.  It also houses a collection of teacher reference and Australian Curriculum resources.     
Library Hours
Before School: 8.30 am to 8.45 am
First Break (Year 1 to 3 students): 11am to 11.30am
Second Break (Year 4 to 6 students): 1pm to 1.30pm

Classes are allocated borrowing time each fortnight (each week for some classes).
All student loans are for 2 weeks, but students are encouraged to return the books as soon as they have read them.
-         Prep to Year 2 students may borrow ONE book at a time.  These students must have a library bag to borrow.
-         Year 3 students may borrow TWO books at a time.  These students are encouraged to have a library bag.
-         Year 4 to 6 students may borrow up to FOUR books at a time (up to 2 Non-Fiction and 2 Fiction books).  These students are encouraged to have a library
Missing and Damaged Books
All borrowed books should be kept in a clean, dry location. 
-         Should a book be damaged, please return it to the school, as we may be able to fix it.
Books that cannot be fixed will need to be paid for.
-         Should a book be lost, or go missing, please inform the school and the book will need to be paid for. 
An overdue notice can be printed out for the student that details the cost of the book.  This will need to be taken to the office with the payment. 
-         Students with extended overdue books will not be allowed to borrow until the book is either returned or paid for. 

Lunch time Activities
-         Read a book
-         Write, draw or complete colouring pages
-         Play puzzles or games
-         Play chess
Library Events
Annual Scholastic Book Fair
The Scholastic Book Fair is the main annual fundraiser for the Kin Kora Library.  During the Book Fair, a huge range of books and stationery are for sale and profits go towards purchasing new resources for the Library.

Premier’s Reading Challenge
The Premier’s Reading Challenge is a state-wide challenge that  aims to boost children’s literacy skills by encouraging students to read widely for pleasure and learning, to develop their imagination, and to cultivate a passion for literature.